A Note from Jenni to you:

Love what you do and never work a day in your life”

– Marc Anthony

 Thank you for taking the time to take a walk with me!

Greatdogs is an authentic solution created from a personal need and experience. My purpose is deeply rooted in my journey to discover the source of an earlier diagnosis “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. I struggled with agoraphobia (the fear of public spaces), and could never fully accept this as the source of my anxiety. I always believed the body’s natural defense mechanism to many imbalances in life is anxiety. From my experience, anxiety is simply the reaction that is the early indicator of what’s truly going on in our mind and body. It may have taken me 40 years, but I have been able to get to the root of my anxiety symptoms, through the uniquely refined characteristics of a fully trained service dog.

I love to share my story with others in the hopes of inspiring a dig-deeper journey! I hope this website serves as a landing page for more information about the core conditions that comprise my anxiety symptoms: Prosopagnosia and Chemical Change Imbalances.

My aim is that you take away a new perspective, or find the experiences I share resonating – and inspiring for a better world.

– Jenni Lough Watson

I would love to hear your story!

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